Egg Carton Games

egg box crafts

So far half term has quite literally been a complete washout and being stuck indoors has meant that I have used up pretty much all of my rainy day activities! In an effort to do something vaguely educational with Aoife, I made these colour and counting games from egg cartons. Here’s what you will need:

COLOUR GAME:                                             COUNTING GAME:

– small egg carton                                       – large egg carton

– bag of coloured pom poms                      – pasta shapes (or dried beans, etc)

– markers or paint                                       – pen

Egg Carton Counting Game

It took less than 10 minutes to make both box games, so it’s a really quick and simple activity to pull out on a rainy day. You can see how Aoife got on with the games here:

I am egg obsessed so I get through a couple of boxes a week! If you have any more ideas for egg carton games let me know!

Ciara xxx

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