Aoife – 2 years & 3 months

aoife pic 1Smiley and happy // Monkey gets a go on the swing // Sleeping face // Staying cool in the sun

I’ve been meaning to start documenting more of Aoife’s day-to-day life for some time now. She’s growing up at an incredible rate and it’s hard to believe that she’s not my little baby anymore.

In the last couple of months especially her personality has really begun to shine through. She is a very happy and cheeky little girl. She’s headstrong and determined and knows exactly what she does and doesn’t want! She has an innocent confidence that only a toddler can have; she stops strangers in the street to say hello and freely hands out kisses to shopkeepers.

aoife pic 2Being a grump // Going swimming // Bouncing on the trampoline // Hiding in the washing basket

Of course, as with any 2 year old, it’s not all sweetness and light! The tantrums when they come can be pretty bad and involve screaming, hitting, smacking, smashing and biting. I’m slowly learning to deal with them by ignoring as best I can! The naughty step has been getting a lot of use lately and has been a really good way to get her to acknowledge her bad behaviour.

We managed to get rid of her dummy a few weeks ago. I was really dreading this as the dummy has been a massive comforter to her since she was small and I didn’t think she would be able to sleep without it. I decided to stop giving it to her at the same time as we moved her from her cot to a proper bed. The distraction of the new bed worked wonders and although she still asks for her wa-wa (her name for the dummy) every now and then, I think she knows its gone for good!

aoife pic 4Bath time // Figuring out the scooter // Big girl’s bed // Feeding time

Current loves: Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig books and magazines, Peppa Pig food (spaghetti hoops, yoghurt, anything with that damn pig on it!), swimming, bouncing on the trampoline, playing on the swings and slide in the playground, jumping on beds, “painting” with mummy’s make up brushes, the word ‘No’!

Current hates: Showers, sitting quietly in restaurants and cafes, TV programmes that are not about a that bloody pink pig and her family, most vegetables apart from peas and carrots, clothes shopping (she clearly gets that from her father and not me).

Love you little monkey!

Ciara xxx

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