Piñata Party!



Last weekend we hosted a birthday party for a good friend of ours. We were so lucky with the weather. After a week of incessant grey skies and rain Saturday turned out to be glorious and the BBQ could go ahead as planned. Phew! 

While I was shopping in Wilkinsons for BBQ bits and pieces I picked up this pinata. For only £8.75 I thought it might keep the kids (and maybe some of the adults!) entertained. I filled it with sweets, confetti and paper streamers and tied it to a tree with fishing wire. For the price I thought it was a pretty decent sized piñata and the kids really enjoyed whacking it about! It proved to be pretty durable and took an adult in the end to bring it down!

2013-07-04_001Sorry the photos are a bit rubbish. I hadn’t planned to blog about it and only took some crappy iPhone pics, but after seeing how much fun the kids had, I thought others might be interested too.

Happy piñata smashing!

Ciara xxx

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