Watermelon Stars

watermelon shapes, watermelon for kidsHas anyone else been finding that their toddler is not eating as much as usual in this hot weather? I’ve definitely noticed a drop in Aoife’s food intake these last few days and I’ve been trying to increase her snacks rather than try to force big meals into her.


Strawberry & Mint Soda

strawberry and mint sparkling water drink recipeI am a massive fan of sparkling water (or soda water) and can go through 7 or 8 bottles a week! The blandness can get a bit boring though so I’m trying out different ways to jazz it up. Living in Kent we’re tripping over strawberries at this time of year so what better way to liven up water than with a hint of strawberry and mint.  (more…)

Almond Milk Smoothie

chocolate almond milk smoothie

I have been slurping down this smoothie for breakfast for a few weeks now and I have to say it’s fast becoming my firm favourite! Almond Milk is lactose free so it’s a great milk substitute for anyone with a dairy intolerance. It does have a slight nutty taste and I find it too watery to use in coffee but it’s perfect for smoothies or milkshakes.


Low Carb Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce

Low Carb Pancakes with Low Carb Chocolate Sauce

I must admit I’ve been a bad bad low-carber recently. I’ve been having a difficult couple of weeks with Aoife pushing the boundaries on her behaviour and I’ve been turning to cake and chocolate to get me through some days! Low carb pancakes have been a favourite of mine for a while but when I saw this recipe for a coconut and chocolate sauce I thought it might be the perfect solution for those sweet cravings. (more…)