Egg Carton Lunch Box

Egg Box Lunch Box

Since I made these egg carton games a couple of weeks ago I’ve been keeping hold of my egg boxes rather than recycling them. I saw this cute idea for a kids lunch box on Pinterest and decided to make my own version. It’s not quite as nifty as I didn’t have the individual plastic egg cups to put in it so instead I just lined the carton with some tin foil. (more…)

Egg Carton Games

egg box crafts

So far half term has quite literally been a complete washout and being stuck indoors has meant that I have used up pretty much all of my rainy day activities! In an effort to do something vaguely educational with Aoife, I made these colour and counting games from egg cartons. Here’s what you will need: (more…)

Marshmallow Pops

Toddler Activities

On Monday I was feeling pretty disheartened by the prospect of another rainy afternoon couped up indoors (summer, where the hell are you?!!). But then I remembered a bag of marshmallows that I bought last week. I raided the baking cupboard and was able to cobble together everything we needed to make some marshmallow pops. Hooray, another toddler boredom crisis averted!


DIY Chalkboard Frame

DIY Chalkboard Frame

In an effort to stop Aoife drawing all over our walls I have stuck chalkboard stickers all over the kitchen. To be honest I think it’s probably just encouraged her graffiti ways but at least it keeps her occupied for a while! I wanted to get her a portable chalkboard that I could move around the house and keep outside during summer. As usual I didn’t want to fork out big bucks so I made this one myself. (more…)

DIY: Bird Seed Hearts & Stars

DIY Bird Seed Feeders

I remember seeing these cute heart shaped bird seed feeders on the internet about 18 months ago. Its taken me a bit of time but I finally got round to making them last week. Because of the mess involved with the bird seed and trying to negotiate gelatine and hot water, I decided to make the start making them while Aoife was taking a nap, and instead let her help me thread the twine through at the end and hang them outside. But older children will probably love to get involved in the whole process.


  • 400g of bird seed
  • 1 packet of gelatine (20g)
  • spray oil
  • cookie cutters
  • tin foil
  • drinking straws
  • twine