Moving Out Of London: My Top 5 Resources

Moving house is never easy. But when you are leaving the city to start a new life in the country the sheer amount of research that you need to do before you can begin to make an informed choice can be completely overwhelming. These are my tips and the top five resources which I found most useful when we began researching our move out of London.

1.    The Telegraph Guide to Commuterland

default_9781845134792This book is aimed at those who wish to move out, but still be within commuting distance, of London. The book is indexed by the main London train stations, allowing you to confine your search to your chosen rail line into the capital. There is a synopsis on each of the towns or villages along and surrounding the rail line. This summary includes the types of property to be found, the average price of those  types of properties (for detached/period/semi-detached/terrace, etc) and a run through of the local facilities, amenities and social make-up.

For us, what made this book invaluable was the summary box for each village or town, showing the train journey time into London, the number of peak/off peak trains per hour and the cost of a season ticket (although bear in mind that the book was last updated in 2009 so expect fare increases).

There is also a Commuter Guide website that includes all the same information but I found it helpful to have the book with me when we were exploring different areas.


Introducing City To Sticks

Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m Ciara, I’m 31 and I live in a village in mid Kent. I’ve written a more substantial bio in All About Me so pop over to that page to learn a little more about me and my family. I’m very excited to have an outlet to get down in words the conversations that I usually have with myself in my head (when you spend the majority of your day with a 2 year old you tend to talk to yourself a lot – or is that just me?!)

A recent convert to the iPhone I am slowly becoming an Instagram addict and I think my most recent pictures sum up my favourite things just perfectly:

  • pretty packaging
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  • shoes!


Hopefully I’ll see you back here soon!

Ciara xxx