Moo Goo Review

Moo Goo Review

Today I’m going to talk about some Moo Goo products that I have been using for a few weeks now. Aoife developed a nasty bout of eczema in March that covered most of her chest and back. The doctor immediately prescribed hydrocortisone cream with the strict instructions to only use in once a day. I wasn’t entirely happy using the steroid cream on Aoife and so I planned to only use it for a short period to clear up the worst of the rash and then look for a more skin-friendly alternative. (more…)

10 Signs You Need To Get Out Of The House More

Convinced Aoife had chicken pox this week, I spent 48 hours on lock-down. Turns out she just had a fever and a bit of a rash. Desperate to get out of the house yesterday, I voluntarily went to the supermarket on a Saturday (BIG mistake – it was trolley rage hell!) but it got me thinking about the signs that us mums need to get out more…

after having a baby


The Hardest Job In The World

Yesterday was a tough day for me. On reflection it shouldn’t have been. We had a good day – we went to a Fun Train class, we had a play date at ours, Aoife napped and I got some housework done, we played with giant bubbles in the garden and bounced on the trampoline. On paper it was a pretty successful day, but the reality was that every moan and squeal, every trantrum and kick-off, seemed to pierce through me and hit a raw nerve.

By 8pm I was exhausted. I barely had the energy to talk to Grant and I slumped off to bed early. I’ve done my fair share of crappy jobs – I’ve stocked supermarket shelves, I’ve waitressed in rat infested restaurants, I’ve sold hot dogs in a theme park and scrubbed toilets in a hotel but days like yesterday make parenting feel like the hardest job in the world.

Job Advert Stay At Home Mom


Introducing City To Sticks

Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m Ciara, I’m 31 and I live in a village in mid Kent. I’ve written a more substantial bio in All About Me so pop over to that page to learn a little more about me and my family. I’m very excited to have an outlet to get down in words the conversations that I usually have with myself in my head (when you spend the majority of your day with a 2 year old you tend to talk to yourself a lot – or is that just me?!)

A recent convert to the iPhone I am slowly becoming an Instagram addict and I think my most recent pictures sum up my favourite things just perfectly:

  • pretty packaging
  • food
  • photos and momentos
  • wine; and
  • shoes!


Hopefully I’ll see you back here soon!

Ciara xxx