Aoife – 2 years & 3 months

aoife pic 1Smiley and happy // Monkey gets a go on the swing // Sleeping face // Staying cool in the sun

I’ve been meaning to start documenting more of Aoife’s day-to-day life for some time now. She’s growing up at an incredible rate and it’s hard to believe that she’s not my little baby anymore.


Good Manners


Struggling to instill some manners into your child? I found these cute wall cards on Etsy which can either be framed or stung up to remind your little ones how to behave. I thought that they would work well alongside a reward chart – the carrot and the stick approach! (more…)

Egg Carton Games

egg box crafts

So far half term has quite literally been a complete washout and being stuck indoors has meant that I have used up pretty much all of my rainy day activities! In an effort to do something vaguely educational with Aoife, I made these colour and counting games from egg cartons. Here’s what you will need: (more…)

Video: A Day In The Life

One big regret I have from when Aoife was a baby was not taking enough video clips of her. Photographs are fantastic but video can bring a memory to life all over again. So here’s my first attempt at a “Day In The Life” video, shot yesterday, just a regular old Saturday where the three of us hung out at home, played in the garden and took a stroll into the village.

Ciara xxx