Good Manners


Struggling to instill some manners into your child? I found these cute wall cards on Etsy which can either be framed or stung up to remind your little ones how to behave. I thought that they would work well alongside a reward chart – the carrot and the stick approach! (more…)

Egg Carton Lunch Box

Egg Box Lunch Box

Since I made these egg carton games a couple of weeks ago I’ve been keeping hold of my egg boxes rather than recycling them. I saw this cute idea for a kids lunch box on Pinterest and decided to make my own version. It’s not quite as nifty as I didn’t have the individual plastic egg cups to put in it so instead I just lined the carton with some tin foil. (more…)

Strawberry & Mint Soda

strawberry and mint sparkling water drink recipeI am a massive fan of sparkling water (or soda water) and can go through 7 or 8 bottles a week! The blandness can get a bit boring though so I’m trying out different ways to jazz it up. Living in Kent we’re tripping over strawberries at this time of year so what better way to liven up water than with a hint of strawberry and mint.  (more…)

Calling In Sick!

out sick


Hello! Apologies that the blog has been a bit quiet for the last few days but I’ve got a horrid stomach bug. It’s taking all my energy to look after Aoife but hopefully I’ll be as right as rain by the weekend and back with lots of posts!

Ciara xxx

Egg Carton Games

egg box crafts

So far half term has quite literally been a complete washout and being stuck indoors has meant that I have used up pretty much all of my rainy day activities! In an effort to do something vaguely educational with Aoife, I made these colour and counting games from egg cartons. Here’s what you will need: (more…)